Sonya Colour Collection

The Sonya Collection is the world's only makeup line based on the skin conditioning properties of pure aloe vera. A unique combination of natural ingredients that protect and nourish your skin while delivering rich, flawless color.

Colour Concealer Wheel

[product image] Colour Concealer Wheel

The unique Sonya Colour Concealer Wheel offers fiv...

Cream to Powder Foundation

[product image] Cream to Powder Foundation

Beauty comes simply and naturally with the long la...

Translucent Powder

[product image] Translucent Powder

Sonya Translucent Powder is enhanced with the worl...


[product image] Blush

Soft to the touch and kind to the skin, Sonya Blus...

Lip Pencil

[product image] Lip Pencil

Lip Pencil...

Eye Pencil

[product image] Eye Pencil

Refine your style instantly by giving a subtle new...

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